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Family Car Care is a full-service automotive repair business serving the Parkville area. Our ASE Certified technicians are professionals and use the best automotive diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and fix customers' car problems quickly and efficiently. This ensures the automotive problems of Family Car Care customers are repaired correctly the first time, saving them unnecessary auto repair costs down the road. Family Car Care values our reputation as being the best auto repair shop in Parkville and offers only the highest quality automotive service & repair for each and every customers' vehicle. Please feel free to request a price quote or schedule an appointment at any time using our online forms.

Battery Charging Starting

Family Car Care services auto charging systems at our Parkville auto repair shop including alternator and battery repair and replacement and charge.
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Belts & Hoses

Family Car Care provides repair services for all auto belts and hoses including timing belt installation replacement, radiator, heater, and fuel hoses.
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Family Car Care leads Parkville for the repair, replacement and service of automotive front and rear brakes on foreign and domestic car and trucks.
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Family Car Care offers complete truck and auto clutch repair services at our Parkville auto repair shop by a professionally trained and certified mechanic staff.
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Cooling System

Family Car Care repairs all auto cooling system parts including the radiator, water pump and heater core at our auto repair shop in Parkville.
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Family Car Care offers complete differential service for both foreign and domestic autos at our Parkville transmission shop
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Family Car Care hires only the best drivetrain specialists at our Parkville Maryland transmission service and repair shop. Each specialist is qualified to give you the service you deserve and expect.
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Family Car Care is the auto electrical service specialist in Parkville. We repair brake lights, cruise control, powered mirrors and windows, electrical shorts.
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Parkville auto emission testing by specialists at Family Car Care includes catalytic converter repair, egr modulator replacement, fuel pressure sensor.
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Family Car Care in Parkville offer auto engine repair service including timing chain replacement, valve adjustments, and crankshaft repair.
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Auto exhaust system repair offered by Family Car Care at our Parkville auto service shop, including custom and dual exhaust muffler tips for racing style performance
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Filters & Fluids

Family Car Care provides automotive services for oil, air, cabin, and fuel filters at our Parkville automotive repair shop
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Fuel System

Complete repair service for automotive fuel systems by Family Car Care of Parkville, including fuel injectors, pumps, tanks and parts for foreign and domestic cars.
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Family Car Care is the leading auto repair shop in Parkville to fix all your auto ac air conditioning problems, including recharging freon and more.
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Lighting & Wipers

Parkville auto repair shop will replace your car headlights and windshield wipers by trained automotive mechanics.
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Suspension & Steering

Family Car Care offers front rear auto suspension repair services at our Parkville automotive service center, including replacement, upgrades, alignment, performance
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Tire Repair

Family Car Care is a leader in Parkville for the repair, service, installation, and sales of car and truck tires from major tire manufacturers
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Parkville transmission service and repair shop offers complete foreign and domestic repair services for manual and automatic transmission types.
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