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If you are looking for an automotive brake repair service, then you have to worry no more. Family car care provides you the best facility with their team of experts. We have ASE certified professionals that can help you repair your brakes. Our service is based on quality work. We highly believe in customer satisfaction.

Here we are going to give you an interesting guide about brake repair. We are also going to tell you about our services.

Automotive brake repair in 2021

Brake system importance and our services

Brake system is essential for the proper functioning of the car. If you are on a tricky road, then you need to apply brakes. The brake system stops the car with the help of friction. This can wear down brake pads, brake rotors, brake shoes. So, you need to regularly check your brakes to a reputed car repair service.  You can have the following signs that can help you in identifying a faulty brake.

Leaking of the fluid, grinding noises when applying the brake, the brake pedal feeling soft, and bouncing off the car when applying the brake are some of the major signs. If you notice any of these signs, then visit a reputed car repair service.

Component of the brake Car system

There are following components of the brake car system

  • It consists of a master cylinder and brake booster. The brake booster and master cylinder direct the brake fluids through the brake lines to each wheel. Then it compresses the pads. The pads slow down to stop the vehicle. A faulty master cylinder is a risk to your safety. You cannot slow down the car with having these parts not in function. So, it is better to check these parts to an expert, so you do not have to face the problem.
  • Car use front and rear brake discs. The car wheels are mounted on these discs. If these discs do not function properly, then you can see vibration in the brake pedal.
  • The car consists of calipers which can be used with brake rotors. They protect the rotors and hold the brake pads.  You can encounter fluid leaking and other noisy sound problems with faulty calipers.
  • The brake pads are mounter on calipers. They are made up of semi-metallic or metallic material. A metallic grinding sound can be heard if these are worn out.
  • There is also a computer-based system called an anti-lock braking system.  The brake system consists of sensors, pressure release valves, hydraulic motors, and a control module. On a slippery surface, it creates a fast pulsating brake that slows down the vehicle. So, it slows the vehicle but also keeps it under control.

Some old cars still use drum brakes but only at the rear wheel. Most of the car brake systems are efficient and safe nowadays. But you need to regularly check your car to avoid the above situation. We are also going to give you some tips that can help you to protects your brakes.

Tips for protecting your brakes

These are the following tips that can protect your brakes

  • The most important is to use your brakes less. If you use your brakes more often, it can wear down quickly. So, driving safe and using your brakes at the appropriate time is the way to go.
  • Always give more space to other vehicles. In this way, you will avoid applying the brake too tightly.
  • Over speeding is harmful to your safety. It can harm your car as well. You need to avoid over speeding, so you do not need to apply brakes too tightly. In this way, you can protect your brakes from any kind of damage.
  • Do not make your vehicle too heavy. The weight of the vehicle plays an essential role in protecting your brakes. A heavy vehicle can damage your brake pads. So always keep your vehicle lightweight to prolong the life of your brake pads.

Frequently asked questions

How many times can we repair our brake in a year?

After every 50000 miles, you need to repair your brakes. It really depends on your car. If you notice any of the above-mentioned signs in the brake like noise and a loose brake pedal. Then you need to repair your brakes.

Can Family Car care provide discounts?

Yes, Family Car Care provides. You can avail our discount offer by this link.

What are the common brake problems?

  • Brake pads feel spongy
  • Shaking steering wheel
  • Car wobbling
  • Grinding and squeaking

Can you fix the brake system with a rubber hose?

No, we cannot fix the brake system with a rubber hose. The brake fluid is not compatible with rubber hoses. The clamps will not stand the pressure with up to 100 psi. So, we cannot fix the brake system with a rubber hose.


Braking systems are more efficient and good to use today. They allow greater safety but you need to take regular care of your car for the great driving experience.  Do not allow a routine brake pad replacement and brake fluid flush to accelerate into something big. A proper check before the real trouble allows you to save money and time.

So, this is a complete guide about automotive brake repair. We have told you about our services, important brake parts, and tips that can help you in the prolonging of your brakes. Always repair your car for an excellent driving experience. I hope you like our guide about the brake repair. You can contact us or submit the form online. Feel free to ask questions.