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If you are looking for the best auto ac repair, then we have the solution to your problem. We have ASE certified professionals that can take care of all your needs. Family Car Care is one of the best auto repair services in the market.
The maintenance of your car is essential for the health of your car. If you cannot maintain your car, then you have terrible driving experience. Here we are going to provide you a solution to your air conditioner problem. We are going to tell you about common air conditioner problems and how the air conditioner works in a car.

Best Auto Ac repair near me in 2020

How does an Air conditioner work in Car?

The air conditioning compressor compresses the refrigerant. Then, the refrigerant passes through the valve and reduces the pressure and temperature of the car. Then it moves out through the evaporator delivering cool and dry air. This is how your air conditioner works. Now I am going to tell you about the common problems you encounter with your air conditioner.

Problems Encountered in Air conditioner

Is the AC cooling the car?
If your AC is not cooling the car then it is a serious problem and there are following reasons for that:
Refrigerant has a low level.
A condition of broken condenser
Your compressor has a damaged and cracked belt.
These are the following causes of improper cooling of your car. You just need to visit a car repair shop like family car care for the solution of these problems. We provide a high-class service.

Noise Hearing
If you are hearing some kind of noise, then it might be due to compressor dying. The wrong use of lubricant and cross-contaminated lubricant can also be the cause. So do not sit at home while you are encountering these issues. Visit a good auto repair service like Family Car Care.

Moisture Inside the vehicle
If there is moisture inside the vehicle, then there is some problem with your air conditioning system. Usually, the debris inside the air conditioning system causes this issue. So, you need to visit a team of experts to solve this issue.

Winter season problem
Sometimes, your air condition system has not been used for a while like in winter. Then bacteria and fungi begin to populate there. You will notice some kind of smell there. So, keep your air conditioner in proper condition. It is necessary to check your air conditioner in the winter months to avoid this problem.

Leakage of refrigerant
You need to watch carefully for the leakage of refrigerant. Refrigerant is a dangerous chemical that can harm the environment. So, it is necessary to check your car with this problem.
All these problems can be avoided if you regularly check your car and maintain your car performance by visiting an auto repair service. It is just a matter of few bucks but it can benefit you for the long term. So, I am going to tell you some tips that can help you in the maintenance of your air conditioner

Tips for maintaining the Air conditioner

  •  Always check the air conditioning compressor belt for damages and cracks.
  • You need to check for any kind of leaks from your car.
  • Recharging your air conditioning system by the help of the right refrigerant is a good step.
  • Empty out the refrigerant if you are encountering issues with this.

You need to do a vacuum test on the air conditioning system. For this visit an auto repair service, they will pull all the air and moisture from your air conditioner. This is a necessary procedure that needs to be done before an AC repair. We have certified professionals who can perform this service.
So, you do not need to worry anymore if you have any issues with your AC. Air conditioning is an essential part of the car in the summer months, so always check this before going to a long drive. A fault in this system will lead to a poor driving experience.

Frequently asked questions

Why my AC is not cooling my car?
The most common cause is a broken condenser and the compressor has a damaged and broken belt. You need to immediately visit a car repair service to solve this issue.

What is the reason of Warm air coming from Air conditioner?
The main reason for warm air s the low level of refrigerant in your air conditioning system. You need to recharge your car. Other reasons may be the problem in the condenser, compressor, and cooling fan. These are the few issues due to which you are encountering problems in your car.

How to check your AC compressor is right?
If you do not hear any kind of noise and there is no leakage of moisture, then you have a good compressor.

Which mode is best for AC?
The car specialist recommends dry mode for 1-2 hours. So, it can remove all the humidity that is not comfortable for humans.

What is the sound of a bad compressor?
Loud noises can be heard in case of a bad compressor. It sounds like grinding sound or a noticeable belt squeal.


So, if you are looking for a car ac mechanic, then Family car care is the way to go. We provide the ac repair service at minimum cost and high quality. Car ac compressor repair and recharge service are also available at Family Car Care. So, this is a complete guide about the best ac repair service near me. Feel free to contact us or you can submit the form online. Feel free to drop a comment, it will be highly acknowledged.