Cooling System in Parkville

Cooling System Repair And Maintenance in Parkville

The cooling system of your car does the important job of controlling the amount of heat in the engine. This system has a radiator, thermostat, heater valve, water, cooling fan, heater core and other parts working together to cool off the engine. If one of these components stop working, the system cannot do its job efficiently.

When the amount of heat is increased, the thermostat releases an antifreeze into the radiator. This antifreeze is circulated in the engine to absorb heat. It is then removed through the walls of the radiator. Cooling fans in the cooling system cool off the antifreeze. Now the antifreeze is ready for the next cycle when the engine overheats again. Driving a car with an overheated engine can cause serious damage to the vehicle.

This is the reason why it is important to inspect the cooling system every two years. Here at Family Car Care, we can help you with cooling system inspection, repair, and maintenance in Parkville. Our mechanics:

  • Visually inspect all components of the cooling system.
  • Perform a radiator cap pressure test to ensure the recommended system pressure level.
  • Check thermostat for proper opening and closing.
  • Check for external leaks to all components of the cooling system.
  • Check combustion gas leakage.

After diagnosing your car’s cooling system, we repair or replace the misbehaving component to bring the cooling system back to work.

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FAQs for Cooling System

Family Car Care is pleased to offer answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the cooling system offered at our business in Parkville.

How much does the complete radiator repair or replacement cost?

Complete radiator replacement can cost you between $400 – $600. When you visit our workshop, our mechanics inspect every single component (including the radiator) of your car’s cooling system. Radiator repair and replacement cost varies from vehicle to vehicle. Radiators used in SUVs are more expensive than radiators used in standard-sized cars. The overall cost also depends on other components repaired and replaced.

Is it necessary to flush the cooling system?

You should flush the cooling system before filling with fresh coolant. This is necessary because of the following two reasons:

  • Sediments and depleted inhibitors left in the system can cause leaks and corrosion.
  • The previous coolant can contaminate the fresh coolant.