Your car has a complex electrical system supplying power to battery, starter, alternator and a few other parts. Depending on the age, make and model, vehicles may have different electrical systems. The latest models come with complex computerized electrical systems interacting with various functions of the vehicle such as brake, sensors, steering etc. Experience and advanced Diagnostic technology are required to troubleshoot the electrical system of your car.

Timely service of the electrical system of your car is really important. You should look for red flags indicating the need for electrical system service or repair. While starting your car, if you notice grinding, clicking or no sound at all, you should schedule an appointment with mechanics at Family Car Care for electrical system inspection or repair in Parkville.

Car battery is one of the important components of this system. For better performance and safety of your car’s electrical system, you should replace its battery after four years.

Signs Indicating Problems With The Electrical System Of Your Car

  • Car making clicking, grinding or no sound at all while starting.
  • Dashboard lights not illuminating properly.
  • Headlights darkening at low speeds.

One of our experienced mechanics runs a specialized diagnostic to find out the cause of the malfunctioning electrical system of your car. After troubleshooting the system, we make the necessary repair or replacement for producing ample power.

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FAQs for Electrical services

Family Car Care is pleased to offer answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the electrical services offered at our business in Parkville.

How can a bad starter cause problems with the electrical system?

A bad starter may crank the engine too slowly or fail to crank the engine. Because of this reason, the alternator may fail when the charging system has high electrical demands.

Why my car is making a clicking noise when I turn the key?
This noise indicates that the battery is discharged or failed. Grinding sound indicates that something is wrong with the starter or flywheel ring gear.
Why doesn’t my car start on the first try?
Due to excessive heat and dirt, the starter relay might fall short in sending power to the starter. You should visit family Car Care to check the electrical system of your car.
How can a bad ignition switch affect the battery of my car?
The ignition switch does the job of activating the electrical system of your car. If it fails, you will not be able to start your car. This will also cause the battery to drain.
Can I replace a blown fuse at my home?
A fuse protects the electrical circuits of your car. It is blown when the wiring or an electrical device in your car is carrying too much current. It is important to identify the cause of the problem before replacing the fuse. Otherwise, the problem will blow the new fuse as well. This is not a long term solution. Let our mechanics find and fix the actual cause of the problem and then replace the blown fuse.
What are the factors influencing the electrical system of my car?
Length of trips, freezing temperatures or extreme heat can affect the life of the battery. Frequent short trips can also reduce its life expectancy as it is not allowed to get fully recharged. Extreme heat can increase electrical resistance which affects all electrical equipment.