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Preventive maintenance not only promotes the performance of your vehicle but also extends its life. Filter replacement and oil change is one of the important preventive maintenance services. Oil reduces the amount of friction between working components inside the engine by lubricating them.

Oil also serves the purpose of a cooling agent and absorbs heat generated throughout the engine. The combustion process creates a lot of harmful particles. Oil directs these particles to the oil filters. Oil filters and oil work together to make sure that the engine performs at optimal levels.

Oil becomes saturated over time due to contaminants or excess particles. These contaminants and particles can form deposits and result in wear in the engine. Oil is deprived of its lubrication which makes the engine overwork. This often causes excess heat and even engine failure. Excess heat changes the viscosity of oil and decreases its flow.

Changing lube, oil and oil filters can prevent all these problems and help in achieving the optimal level of engine performance. Changing oil filters can:

Reduce engine wear

A failed oil filter cannot block impurities. These impurities cause the engine to work harder which leads to early engine wear. This reduces performance and can also cause engine failure. All these problems can be prevented by changing oil filters on time.

Avoid soiling of new oil

You should change the oil filters of your petrol car every 6,000 miles and diesel car every 9,000 miles. Otherwise, it will cause soiling of your new oil.

Here at Family Car Care, our mechanics provide you with the best lube, oil & oil filter change services In Parkville.

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FAQs for Filter & Fluids services

Family Car Care is pleased to offer answers to some of the frequently asked questions about the filter & fluids services offered at our business in Parkville.

Is it crucial to change oil and oil filter on schedule?

It is important to keep the moving parts of the engine well lubricated. This reduces the amount of friction and minimizes wear in the engine. Oil containing impurities also leads to excess heat in the engine. Clean oil absorbs heat and clean the inner parts of the engine. If you are changing the oil but not the oil filters, it can contaminate the new oil. New oil can recirculate contaminants from the old filters to all the moving parts of the engine.

Change oil filters of diesel engine every 9,000 miles and those of petrol engine every 6,000 miles. Family Car Care can improve the performance and increase the life of your car by changing oil filters on time.

What is the difference between conventional and synthetic oil?

Drivers often want to know which one of these two is better. Is it necessary to use synthetic oil? Is synthetic oil just an upgrade? What is the real difference between synthetic oil and conventional oil? Most of the drivers ask these questions when they visit Family Car Care for oil filter change in Parkville. Most of the vehicle manufacturers recommend synthetic oil. However, it is good for you to know the differences between these two oils.

Which oil lasts longer?

There is a misconception that synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil. However, both oils last the same amount of time.

Which oil does a better job?

Synthetic oil is more expensive than regular oil. The source of conventional engine oil is raw and natural crude. On the other hand, synthetic oil is engineered in a lab. It provides your car’s engine with the highest quality lubrication to improves its performance and life.

Which oil is required in modern vehicles?

Engines are redesigned to achieve maximum fuel efficiency and meet emissions standards. Engines of modern vehicles work harder and produce more heat. Conventional oils cannot absorb that much heat and meet the lubrication needs of the engine. Synthetic oils are engineered to handle that heat tolerance.

If the manufacturer of your vehicle recommends synthetic oil then don’t use conventional oil. You can upgrade oil but don’t downgrade it.

Our mechanics at Family Car Care always use the oil recommended by the manufacturer of your car.