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Fleet Service

Family car care knows how to own a business, whether it’s large or small. We have these fleet services and have been maintaining the fleet of vehicles like trucks, cars, vans, SUV’s that can be quite challenging than any other service. Apart from the typical services like tire change, rotation, oil change, brake job and so on, there are many other services of the vehicles that require attention. You would be surprised to know that unlike the personal cars, trucks and the vehicles owned by the local Parkville area, the businesses are the ones that incur more abuse than the vehicles that are used for the personal use by the customers. So, the vehicle problems can arise often resulting in pressures to the running business. Family Car Care is an organization that understands all these challenges better than any other auto repair shop in the Parkville area and the team of ASE certified technicians is the one that can assist in easing out the burden on the Parkville area business operations. Family Car Care invites all the business owners in this area to consider out the vehicle fleet services that are offered at our automotive repair shop. The customers would be delighted to know that we also offer competitive pricing and a detailed service interval program which is unequaled throughout the whole city. There’s a fleet program initiated by the team at Family Car Care that intends to keep the company’s fleet running reliable and strong for the routine operations. This is also very essential for any of the business owners to have the vehicles that are well maintained and for which the dependable work vehicles get equated to get the job done right and on time, without any unexpected problems during the process. The replacement of one vehicle is also not an expensive situation for the successful business and it needs to replace the numerous vehicles at the same time for betterment. The Parkville is businesses can be certain to have the fleets for various last years. You can schedule an appointment with Family Car Care today itself. We invite all the owners for the considerable automotive repair services due to the following reasons-

EXPERIENCE – Family Car Care is in the automotive business for long enough to understand and know that having a vehicle inconvenience might result in the loss of revenue and time for any of the business owner. The team realizes the importance of the business owners betters and provides them with the best possible services at various costs that are affordable. The expert team of technicians also use their combined expertise with the latest diagnostic equipment to maintain the fleet vehicles efficiently and professionally.

SERVICE – Family Car Care has a reputation throughout the Baltimore country area for its consistency in delivering quality services to the customers. We have worked closely with the fleet manager and our team assembles and employs a thorough and comprehensive schedule for various types of vehicle maintenance along with the ongoing maintenance records that are easily accessible. Our team keeps on going strong on the roads throughout the city.

CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS – Family Car Care will maintain the fleet of your vehicles with the help of the top quality mechanics in the Parkville area. All the technicians are ASE certified and are capable of delivering the top quality and industry best services to your valued vehicles.

LOCAL MANAGEMENT – Family Car Care is hired by the business owners for their top-notch fleet repair, maintenance services. You can easily rely on our management team for the on-site dedication to make sure that the cars, vans, trucks and SUV’s get the best possible care services at affordable rates. Whenever any problem arises, you can contact Family Car Care without any hassle. Our customer support representative will serve you in the best possible manner.

TOP LEVEL WORK – Whenever you are hiring Family Car Care service needs, the Parville area business owners will assure you that you are hiring an automotive repair shop with one of the best reputations for being hardworking, dependable and being honest with the customers. Family Car Care offers brilliant fleet service programs to the customers. We are all ears to hear about your company’s fleet business.

Our Experts

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Michael Dillon, Service Manager

Michael Dillon

General Manager

Dale, Auto Technician



Kim Gladney, Auto Technician

Kim Gladney


Les, Auto Technician



Offered Fleet Maintenance Services

  • Scheduled Maintenance (PM) Programs
  • Environmentally Safe Oil Recovery
  • Belt Inspection and Replacement
  • Hydraulic Fitting / System Service
  • Heating / Cooling System Service
  • Pump and Filter Maintenance
  • Alternator / Battery Service
  • Electrical System Service
  • Truck and Trailer Repair
  • Exhaust System Service
  • Air Conditioning (R134)
  • Brake System Service
  • Landing Gear Service
  • Certified Technicians
  • Drive Line Service
  • Freeze-up Service
  • In-house Welding
  • Clutch Repair

Fleet Management & Maintenance Tips

  • Regularly check your owner’s manual, but a good practice is to change the oil filter regularly – every 3,000 to 4,000 miles is recommended.
  • Check the fluids, to include steering, brake, power, transmission/transaxle, windshield washer solvent and antifreeze. These fluids in your fleets autos and trucks play an important role in the performance and safety of your fleet’s vehicles.
  • Proper tire inflation. Improperly inflated tires will result in a loss in optimal fuel efficiency. This is the least expensive form of preventive and safety maintenance. Tires should be inspected and checked at least once per month.
  • Keep the engine in your fleet’s vehicles tuned as a plugged/restricted fuel injector or fouled spark plug can reduce, fuel efficiency, sometimes by as much as 30 percent.
  • Lubricate the chassis frequently. This maintenance service can prolong the life of the moving components of the vehicle’s suspension system.
  • Inspect the post and battery cables for corrosion and clean them if needed. If not a maintenance-free battery, the fluid should also be checked and filled if it is low.
  • Frequently check the lighting system, to include headlamps, turning signals, and brake and tail lights.
  • Inspect windshield wipers for cracks, tears and windshield contact. Replace them at least once a year, or sooner if streaking begins.
  • Regularly inspect the engine belts as worn belts will affect the performance of the vehicles in your fleet. Take notice of any cracks and missing sections or segments.
  • Inspect the air filtration system regularly. Air filters need to be inspected every other oil change for damage or clogging. This system ensures that your fleet is performing at its peak condition.

Happy Customers


They were amazing in helping me get my car horn repaired. I thought it was going to cost a ton of money, but Family Car Care got me a great deal. They were very courteous and communicative. I will definitely be back!


Mike the owner/manager has been very responsive to my car needs. He and his staff are very methodical in solving very issues my car has had recently and his charges are reasonable and appropriate. I highly recommend Family Car Care Center.
-Brian Z.