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You need to tune up your car if you want a healthy driving experience. Without auto repair, you cannot enjoy a great driving experience. We service customers in Hunt Valley, so you do not need to worry anymore. Family Car care will take care of all your worries. We have a quality auto repair service that is totally focused on customer care and quality. We have a team of ASE certified technicians that will take care of all your issues. Brake repair, cooling system check, engine repair, tire repair, and all other services related to auto repair in Hunt Valley. Family car care is the place to visit for an excellent customer experience.

Hunt Valley Auto Repair 2021

There are so many auto repairs services available but we are the best in the business. The reason for that is we have hundreds of satisfied customers. We provide a discount to our customers and have all the expertise that a car care service should have. Our team of expert technicians has years of experience in this field. They are fully aware of all the issues that your car will face in case of auto repair. Now we are going to tell you about our services in the Hunt Valley area.

Family Car Care Service

Here are the following services that we provide to our customers

Engine Repair

The engine is the main part of the car. The engine provides energy to your car and keeps your car in healthy shape. If your check engine light is always on, there is something wrong with your engine. You may have a faulty engine sensor that can damage your spark plugs. Furthermore, the gas cap may be missing that will result in the loss of fuel. So please visit your car repair service immediately otherwise you will face some major issues that will damage your car.

Battery Repair

The battery is an essential part of your car. It sends electricity to the car and helps in starting your car. If you have a problem with starting a car, then you need to check your battery to a nearby car repair service like us. You can submit the form online for an appointment. Normally the battery repair cost less than 30 dollars but it usually depends on your car. We are an extremely cheap service as compared to our competitors. Furthermore, we provide quality work, so what you need more.

Brakes repair service

If you are looking for the brake repair service in hunt valley, then you do not need to worry any more. You can check our brake repair service. When your car suddenly stopped or bounces, then you have problems in your brake. Moreover, you have a loose or spongy pedal, then check automotive service immediately. Brake is essential for the safety of your car, so never compromise on your safety. It is a matter of few bucks but you have one life only. So, visit a reputed car service, so you have a great user experience.

Clutch Repair

Clutch transfers power from the driving shaft to the driven shaft. If your clutch is broken, then you have to face severe problems. You will not be able to move your car from one place to another. You will not able to change your speed and will not be able to shut your car without shutting down your engine. So, checking your clutch regularly is an important part of maintaining your car.

Suspension and steering repair

If you want a balanced car then you need to check your suspension system. The suspension system transfers the weight to all of your four vehicles equally. When you have bad roads then your suspension system gets damaged. On the other hand, the steering system gives you full control over your car and allows you to have a smooth drive. Without these systems, you will not be able to run your car smoothly. So, checking these systems to your nearby car service is necessary for the proper maintenance of your car. Our teams of experts have great experience in solving these issues. So, you can always check Family car care. We will not disappoint you.

Lighting and wipers repair

A wiper system is used to remove the dirt from the car and lighting is used for night driving. An ineffective wiper system will not be able to remove dust from the car. Without lighting, you are compromising your safety at night. So always check these systems for an excellent driving experience.

Frequently asked question

Will you provide service in all areas?

We are a car care service located in Parkville but we provide services in all the areas outside Parkville.

Why do we choose you?

We have an excellent team of ASE certified professional that can take care of all your problems. We have great experience in this field, so these are the reasons to choose us.

Why do we need a clutch?

In order to stop the car properly without killing the engine, you need a clutch. A Clutch is essential for the proper functioning of your car.


So, this is all about Hunt Valley auto repair. Family car care will provide all the services related to auto repair. You just need to submit an online form or contact us. We provide you all the information. I hope you like our guide. If you have questions feel free to ask, it will be highly acknowledged.