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Imagine an auto repair shop that made you feel taken care of the moment you call them. A service where professionals personally look over every vehicle that comes in for repairs. Here we are going to tell you about Loch Raven Auto repair.

We service customers in Loch Raven and the service is located in Parkville. We provide knowledgeable, honest, and genuine car repairs. Every customer is handled in a consistently professional manner. There is no problem that our Automotive Service Excellence – ASE certified technicians can’t fix. And we love our staff’s motivation to expand their knowledge in this industry.

Loch Raven Auto Repair in 2021

Auto Repair service is specialized in business car repairs like engine and transmission diagnostics, brake repairs, exhaust, suspension, and even air conditioning. What sets us apart from other auto repair shops are our unique customer service and our interest in keeping a customer for life. We provide each customer and their vehicle the professional attention they need. Our expert staff saves your time and money as quickly as possible.  Auto Repair service provides a maximum degree of expertise and trustworthy customer care.

 Auto Repair Services

Our services provided entire turn-key vehicle fixes. Our automobile mechanic pros offer a precise and authentic amount of skills. We always inquire to our customers about the situation and the problem they are experiencing. We provide all types of damage repairs, glass and windshield replacement, paintless dent repair, comprehensive vehicle bodywork, wheel replacement, and repair with reliable communication via email/ or text.

Our caring professionals make sure to offer you the following satisfactory services:

 Proper Engine Maintenance:

The engine is the brain of your vehicle which is the most predominant part that you must look after regularly. Engine powers almost every major component of your car. Your engine needs proper cleaning to make sure it runs perfectly. Here at loch raven auto repair, we use special solvents and chemicals to remove the grease and grime off the inside and outside surfaces. Clogged low oil and a dirty engine can be a serious nightmare for a driver and could result in a disaster. If you have a dirty engine block, contact us to get the top-notch servicing and results.

Clutch Inspection & Maintenance:

Clutch performs an integral role in the better performance of your car. You always need a properly working clutch before you shift gears. Your clutch disconnects the flow of power to the transmission without turning the engine off. A faulty clutch can completely ruin the transmission controls and worsen your driving experience. We offer thorough diagnostics for your clutch disc plate and pedal to make sure that you always get a smooth ride.

 Braking System Repair:

If you go too fast in a vehicle, you need the same amount of stopping power to stop it. That’s where a car’s braking system comes in handy. The integrity and working quality of every component of the braking system determine your fate in a high-speed run. The brake pedal, Fluid reservoir, Fluid lines, Brake pads, Rotor, and Brake drums, every part must be in a properly working state. Routine brake service is vital for your vehicle and with that being said, our trained staff is determined to give you a quality service.

Thorough Battery Assessment:

A battery’s long life depends on its proper installation and how well it is maintained. The battery may look good on the outside but what’s happening on the inside is a different story. Your battery controls all the electrical operations of the vehicle from ignition to lights. Your battery may feel swollen and sluggish or any visible wear can also be seen. It is always advisable to turn off the lights whenever you leave the car. If you experience any abnormality in your battery, call us or reach out to us for the outstanding.

Steering and Suspension System Repair:

A neglected steering and suspension system service could lead to difficult vehicle handling. A good suspension and steering system absorbs shocks and bumps and allows the front wheels to pivot for steering. Abnormal noises on rolling over bumps or loose steering should be inspected immediately. We check the system periodically to catch potentially dangerous conditions early. Visit our Loch Raven auto repair for excellent service and quality parts.

Lights and Wiper Servicing:

You can’t outrun extreme weather conditions if you have a malfunctioning wiper and lights system. You need to have a proper and actively working wiper system to maintain clear visibility. This system is very important to keep away the excess water, dirt, and snow buildup on the windshield. The nighttime visibility alerts and signals are all dependent on a well-maintained lighting system. Hop in today and get the best servicing of your electrical equipment with a genuine part replacement.

 Frequently Asked Questions

1.When should my car battery need replacement?

A standard car battery is aimed to last for three to five years, but certain factors such as hot and cold weather state negatively affect its longevity. You should always perform a check for any vague signs that will give you the clue that it’s time to replace your vehicle’s battery.

 2..When should I need to go for a tire rotation?

Tires experience the most wear and tear especially if you use your vehicle off-road. You should have your tires rotated every seven months or around 5000 to 8000 miles.

 3.How to know if my car needs a tune-up or not?

You will see a decrease in mileage and rough running. A turned on engine light is also a very good indicator that your vehicle needs tune up. A routine tune up schedule is also instructed on the vehicle’s user manual.

 Wind-up Words:

We take pride in making sure that our technicians are ASE certified and trained well to perform their jobs. From a simple oil change to complex problems, contact us directly or by filling out an online vehicle assessment form. Our staff will give the best in class services with all-inclusive satisfaction.