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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At Family Car Care, we believe that all the journeys must have a destination and a road map, because we need to know where we are going and how are we going to reach there. At Family Car Care, we know everything that’s why we provide the customers with the highest level of satisfaction. Not only this, but we also add delight to the services to maintain them as our loyal customers. This is our vision and destination. As far as the road map is concerned, it’s basically the mission that we have discovered to make the vision come true. So, as we travel together, it might not be an easy journey, however, it will be rewarding for sure. All you need to do is hold us accountable for the vision and the mission and we will always be grateful to you for coming on this journey with us.

Our Experts

We have a team that will work towards your dream!

Michael Dillon, Service Manager

Michael Dillon

General Manager

Dale, Auto Technician



Kim Gladney, Auto Technician

Kim Gladney


Les, Auto Technician



Happy Customers


They were amazing in helping me get my car horn repaired. I thought it was going to cost a ton of money, but Family Car Care got me a great deal. They were very courteous and communicative. I will definitely be back!


Mike the owner/manager has been very responsive to my car needs. He and his staff are very methodical in solving very issues my car has had recently and his charges are reasonable and appropriate. I highly recommend Family Car Care Center.
-Brian Z.

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