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Do you need a car service you can count on? The service which has a reputation is built on transparency, professionalism, and honesty. If your vehicle is begging for some tender loving care, don’t ignore its cry. The only call you need to make is to Family Car Care. Here we are going to tell you about the Overlea Auto repair service.

We build our customer’s trust through loyalty and hard work. Usually, clients just leave the car at our shop. They trust us in solving the problem by troubleshooting and advanced diagnostics tools to assess the problem. We give them a quotation and that’s it! We service customers in Overlea and the service is located in Parkville.

Our Auto Repair service takes pride in being a customer-oriented repair and maintenance shop. We are dedicated exclusively to provide only top-notch quality products and remarkable service to give your car a new life. Our trained professionals are Automotive Service Excellence – ASE certified. They are a part of a better business bureau receiving automotive service excellence reviews. To care about our customers as customer satisfaction is our number one aim. We continually provide our customers with solutions for their automotive repair needs.

Overlea Auto Repair in 2021

What automotive services do we offer?

We offer a complete line of auto repair and maintenance services including brake work, engine rebuild, fuel injection, advanced & improved computer diagnostics, and much more. With the expertise of our certified technicians, we provide service and repair with all models and makes of import and domestic vehicles. Thanks to our close membership with all the vehicle manufacturers, we have the most authentic and genuine line of automotive parts and services.

Our team is stalwart to get you back on the road as soon as possible by offering the following services:

Thorough Engine Repair:

If you want to maintain engine longevity, you should make sure that engine parts are well maintained. It is being rightly said that the engine is the heart of the car and the fluids of the engine are its blood. Dirty oil simply means your car has dirty blood in its bloodstream. You may find things fine for a while but it will lead to serious problems and the running quality of your car will be ruined. Hop your car in our repair shop today to get a thorough diagnostic check. We will assess for possible shortcomings your car engine is experiencing before it’s too bad.

Brake Discs and Fluid Maintenance:

A car’s braking system plays a crucial part when it comes to personal and vehicle safety. A well-maintained braking system is a bridge between a dangerous tragedy and accident avoidance. With time, the brake discs began to wear and possible routine precautions must be taken for their assessment. It is advisable to always check your brakes and brake fluids before you go on a ride. At Overlea auto repair, we offer the best quality brake system services with advanced brake fluid replacement. This will ensure you and your vehicle’s safety and maintain its proper working state.

Clutch Maintenance:

If you have a manual transmission car then you know the importance of a clutch. The Clutch uses a complex mechanism to convey the power between the transmission system and your vehicle engine. It synchronizes the two shafts by locking them so both can spin at the same speed. The Clutch system is the most frequently used while driving. You should attend clutch-related problems as soon as you experience the very first abnormal signs such as clutch sticking and slipping. Overlea auto repair offers the best clutch transmission repair tools and mechanics to revert your faulty clutch system in shape.

Suspension and Steering System Repair:

What is the first thing you notice when you drive a new car? For most people, it’s the smooth ride, precise handling, and the feeling of direct and responsive steering. The prime cause is the normal wear and tear of the suspension component such as shock absorbers, ball joints, and tie rod ends.

As the suspension system deteriorates, tires can show signs of uneven wear that result in your car wallowing and diving under brakes. By using thorough testing procedures, Overlea auto repair can perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s suspension and steering system. We will provide you with a condition report for peace of mind. You can book your car at our auto repair service shop via contacting us or filling out the inspection form on our website.

Outright Battery Evaluation:

What could be worse when you turn your car keys in the ignition and nothing happens? It’s a pretty common occurrence whether you left your car lights turned on or the door is left open. Consequently, your battery is now toasted. You should have sound knowledge of what kind of battery your vehicle has by consulting the manufacturer’s manual. Keeping a check on your battery’s health status can save you from the inconvenience. At Overlea auto repair, we are determined to resolve and decode your car battery issues so you have a peaceful and sound driving experience.

Wipers and Lights Servicing

Everyone knows the car can still run even if the wipers and lights are out of order. You can still get to your destination if your headlight is inoperable. But the safety of you and other people on the road is at stake when these two systems are malfunctioning. The wipers keep your windshield clear from dirt, water, snow, and rain so you don’t experience any visual problems. For nighttime driving, you can’t deny the importance of the lighting system. We will take care of all the problems whether your windshield is getting streaks from wipers or your exterior/interior lights are showing kaput behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I do if my low tire pressure warning light turned on?

Your tires will experience uneven wear and tear if the tire pressure is low. If the condition is not resolved on time, you have to replace all the tires and that can be quite harsh in your pocket. Low tire pressure costs you more money and gas because it will make your engine work more to generate the same amount of power.

  1. How often should I replace my brake pads?

You have to face more costly repairs down in line if you don’t replace your brake pads in a timely fashion. Your brake discs will experience severe damage if you keep running your car on worn-out brake pads.


Final Verdict:

Our mission is to deliver incomparable service that will always meet or exceeds your expectations. If you want your car to be treated with proven quality parts and a phenomenal code of ethics then Family Car Care is the choice to make. We guarantee you exceptional auto repair with the highest integrity in our workmanship. Contact us today or fill out an online form to get your vehicle inspected and assessed with same-day service.